Bowl-A-Roll Lanes

1560 Jefferson Road
Rochester, NY 14623 


League BowlingAt Bowl-A-Roll Lanes we make league bowling a great way to improve your game and a great way to have FUN.  

We have leagues for every age and every ability!

If you are use to sitting at home on the couch, it's now time to come on out and strike it up with the gang.



Men ~ Women ~ Mixed ~ Seniors ~ Youth

Sunday Men's Handicap (4per team) @ 9:30 am

Sunday Mixed (3 per team) @ 9:45 am

Sunday Mixed Every-Other Week (3 per team) @ 2:00 pm

Sunday Night Mixed (4 per team) @ 6:30 pm

Sunday Night Mixed Every-Other Week @ 6:30 pm

Monday Senior Mixed (4 per team) @ 1:00 pm

Tuesday Men's Handicap (5 per team) @ 6:30 pm

Wednesday Ladies Handicap (4 per team) @ 9:30 am

Wednesday Senior Mixed (4 per team) @ 1:00 pm

Wednesday Men's Handicap (5 per team) @ 6:00 pm

Wednesday Night Handicap (3 per team) @ 9:10 pm

Thursday Morning Senior Mixed (4 per team) @ 9:30 am

Thursday Night Ladies (5 per team) @ 6:45 pm

Thursday Night Men (3 per team) @ 9:30 pm

Friday Senior Mixed (3 per team) @ 1:00 pm

Friday Night Men (5 per team) @ 6:30 pm

Friday Night Mixed  Every-Other-Week (4 per team) @ 7:00 pm

Saturday Juniors (4 per team) @ 10:00 am

Saturday Night Mixed Every-Other-Week (4 per team) @ 8:30 pm 


Sign up to join a league today!


Register by phone - Call 585-427-7250








People Groups

Bowling is a wonderful, fun-filled, recreational activity and competitive sport enjoyed by people of all ages. Spend some time with your friends, co-workers, or family bowling in a league. Bowl-A-Roll has many different leagues to choose from.

Homeschool Bowling:


Monday     @ 1:00 pm (Bumper & Regular)

Thursday   @ 1:00 pm (Bumper & Regular)


Looking for a new sport to fulfill your physical education requirements? Join our homeschool bowling team and see how much fun bowling can be!

Bowling is challenging, mentally stimulating, competitive, fun and cost effective.

Many sports require athletic facilities that are often difficult for home school parents to find and schedule. Bowl-A-Roll Lanes has plenty three different sessions during the day to provide a clean, safe environment the whole family can enjoy. We'll help you set up a team or league, provide coaches to teach the students, and offer special group rates for your home school PE Classes.

 Bowl With Other Home School Students!Physical Education Credits

Home school students earn physical education credits while enjoying America's favorite participation sport. Bowling is a non-contact sport that has no age, size, strength or gender limitations. And bowling is not canceled due to bad weather. Best of all, bowling is a family oriented game you can play for a lifetime.  




The Bowling Industry provides up to 10 million in college scholarships each year. Scholarships are available on local, state and national levels.

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